Can You Just

Can you Just… ?

Can you just Setup my MemberVault course so that I can start making money?

Can you just import my email address to my new mail tool, so that I can reach more clients?

Can you just setup my Googlies, so that I can be found on Google?

Can you just find the best automation so that I can work more efficiently?

We get asked these questions every day and we have our Pick & Fix Membership, where we teach you how to do these things, but sometimes you need someone to just do it for you. So Digital Fixers have created our Can You Just service.  With prices starting from Just £90 we can just get it done.

Who the heck are we?!

We are Lesley and Nic and we are Digital Fixers! We met in the summer of 2019 and had a business plan within 24 hours! We started helping small businesses with their tech issues, but we have grown into a community where we help business grow through proven strategies. We have a Membership program, and our intense 6 month Accelerator Growth Program.