Email Bootcamp Recap

We are the digital fixers, we teach tech to small businesses. We explain the techie terms, we explore the techie apps and exploit the techie shortcuts to help you get set, get seen and get selling. 

If you think that you can run your business using just your phone, FB page and your friends (who say they’ll buy from you but never will), then it’s time to grow the tech up.

Hello and welcome to the Digital Fixers Email Bootcamp.  This page is a recap page for everyone taking the part in the challenge, currently running Monday 21st Feb – Friday 25th Feb 2022.

This page will be updated daily, firstly with the task set in the morning, then with a video of the live which is 9:30 am (GMT). This page will allow you to catch up!

We’d love to fully support you so if you haven’t yet, please sign up for the challenge by Signing Up.

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Sat 19 Feb - Welcome

Mon 21st Feb - Day 1 Task

Day 1!!
So today we’re going to have you decide on your best opt-in and start creating (or repurpose something you already have). It’s SUPER SIMPLE once you’ve cracked it. Your opt-in needs to be:
  • Something that your dream customers really want to get their hands on
  • Something that solves a problem or really fits an issue they’ve been having
  • Easy for you to create and deliver
  • Linked to your core business and product
Here are a few examples:
  • ‘Keith’ the family photographer created a 30 day plan for Elf on the Shelf for his parents struggling with ideas
  • A 7 day meal plan for a PT/Nutritionist
  • A quiz (which highlights how you can help people)
  • A video training you’ve already recorded that solves a common problem for your people
⚠️⚠️⚠️A WORD OF WARNING!!! ⚠️⚠️⚠️
This is where most people overthink and fall down a rabbit hole. It’s the most challenging part of this workshop because it requires you to put yourself into your customers’ shoes.
So, reach out to your accountability buddies, the other group members and our WhatsApp chat group. Pitch your ideas and ask opinions! Share in our popup group for feedback!

Mon 21st Feb - Day 1 Live

Tue 22nd Feb - Day 2 Task

DAY 2!!


Today is Day 2 of the challenge and it’s time to ‘double-tap’ deliver!

Yesterday we created your killer opt-in, today we’re going to sort out the pesky tech in delivering it!


Sooooo…. today you’re going to:


  • Create a fabulous sign up form/opt-in form for your freebie, that tells people all about how awesome it is, the problem it solves, and (ideally) what it leads to.

  • Redirect that opt-in straight to your file/video etc.

  • Set up an automatic email that they get immediately, which also contains the freebie

  • And finally, tag those subscribers with a tag which tells you where they’ve come from

The key to dreamy delivery is to double-tap like this, and also to tag them inside your email provider so that you know how they came to be in your world, and how best to help them in the future.


Once you finish and publish your form, pop over to the homework thread and share your link, you never know, you might grow your list right away!!

Tue 22nd Feb - Day 2 Live

Wed 23rd Feb - Day 3 Task

Day 3!

Today we’re going to show you how to really warm up those new subscribers – now if you’re not techie don’t stress.
We’re going to help you get a lovely sequence sorted, so that it will happen on autopilot. That’s the great thing about this – once it’s set up, it’s set up!
So by now we’ve got a freebie/opt-in and a method of delivery sorted. Now it’s time for your…. dun dun duhhhhhhhh… nurture and sales sequence!!
Don’t panic, it’s easy!!
A ‘nurture and sales sequence‘ is where you email your new people a specific sequence of emails that show them how lovely and amazing you are (and how to buy from you).
This is a great way to convert your new people because:
  • Open rates are typically much higher when people have just subscribed (especially when you’ve made such a killer opt-in
  • They’re curious about you and what you do, and this is your chance to start a relationship with them
  • You’re opt-in was amazing, so a lot of them are ready for more!!!
Your homework
  1. Revisit the email you created yesterday to deliver the opt-in. You’re going to jazz this up by repeating the solutions that your opt-in provides and reminding them how amazing it is. If you have a FB group, community, social media etc encourage them to find you there and ask them to share their feedback on how they found your freebie.
  2. In your email provider, set up a sequence of emails. Call it ‘Your Opt-in name, nurture sequence’
  3. Now, we’re not copywriters, so we’re going to leave the content up to you, but this is what works for us*:First email – the ‘bridge’. This should span the gap between your free content and paid stuff. If your freebie is a checklist and your paid stuff is done for you services, then this email would talk about the benefits of the free stuff (on your checklist), and recognise why some people want someone to do it for them (your paid stuff)
    Second email – a pitch. Here is where you can introduce paid content (low/medium priced) and relate it to your freebie. It’s not sell sell sell, this is a helpful email pointing out your helpful stuff. You could even offer a one-time discount if they purchase directly from the email.
    Third email – Top tips! Give them some of your top tips based on their opt-in. This is one you might want to tweak for each freebie you create
    Fourth email – Final call to action to purchase the thing in the second email
After you’ve created your sequence (remember, published, not perfect) pop over to Facebook and share with us how you’re feeling so far! Do you feel good about building your list on autopilot, nervous, excited? Let’s band to together and create some massive support!

Wed 23rd Feb - Day 3 Live