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Email Bootcamp

We think that one of the reasons people buy from small businesses is because they know who they are buying from. So letting them get to know you is really important.

When someone first signs up to your email list, before you add them to the regular newsletter (urg, we hate that word) you send them a nurture sequence introducing your business, and you! And make sure they know what problems you solve, and how to buy from you.

💜 If you’re ready to grow your list everyday…

💜 Without having to spend hours on your phone

💜 Without constantly thinking of posts, and new ideas – which is knackering to be honest. 

💥 Then you need our Email Bootcamp 💥 

Are you looking to grow your email list and make more sales, consistently?

🤯 Have you never quite got your head around the whole email opt-ins, sequences and automations? 

Here’s the breakdown:
💥 Mon 6th Feb ’23 – We will sort out your irresistible opt-in for your dream customers, so they are super excited to get on your list
💥 Tue 7th Feb ’23 – We will deliver it in the best way possible, so your customers get a great experience straight away
💥 Wed 8th Feb ’23 – We will work out your nurture sequence to really give value and have your dream customers desperate for more!

💜 And of course – we’ll run everything through a popup Facebook Community for feedback, support, and encouragement! Not to mention our legendary WhatsApp chat group, where you can connect and share your wins and questions with other participants.

💥 What’s the plan then?💥 


Monday 6th February 2023
Tuesday 7th February 2023
Wednesday 8th February 2023

8:30 am GMT You will get an email with the daily task
10am GMT The Homework Thread goes live
12-1pm GMT There will be a live Q&A in the Facebook group

Plus, all day support in the Facebook Group and WhatsApp Chat!
In all this should only take about an hour a day, and we will be there so you don’t get stuck!

Sign up and you will get an email with a link join the Facebook Group. The Facebook Group will Open on Friday 3rd February 2023.


Who are Digital Fixers?

lesley and nic signed

We are the digital fixers, we teach tech to small businesses. We explain the techie terms, we explore the techie apps and exploit the techie shortcuts to help you get set, get seen and get selling. 

If you think that you can run your business using just your phone, FB page and your friends (who say they’ll buy from you but never will), then it’s time to grow the tech up.