Pick and fix tech membership
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Pick and Fix

The Tech Membership for Business

Pick and Fix tech membership

What's included in Pick and Fix - The Tech Membership for business?

  • Monthly Mini Masterclass plus access to the full back catalogue
  • Monthly group zoom for workshopping problems so that you get support with your tech 
  • 2 Sunday night co-working sessions so that you have accountability and help
  • Access to the Facebook group so that you can ask Lesley & Nic your tech questions
  • Plus access to training, workshops and ongoing support in our 3 core pillars, SEO, Email Marketing and the Googlies

Email Marketing Tech Support

Email Marketing

Develop your EMAIL SYSTEM so list building and email marketing is easy and joyful!

  • Get super clear on a killer opt-in, design and  create it following a proven structure so that you can grow your email list consistently.
  • Sort the tech requirements to deliver your opt-in in a great way so more people are likely to opt in and you free up your time to work on other things.
  • Develop your follow up nurture sequence so your subscribers get to know you and you convert more opt- in into to buyers!
  • Repeatable process that you can use time and time again
Google Tools Tech Support

The Googlies

Get serious with your GOOGLIES so you can get found without relying on social media (also a joy)

  • Uncovering and understanding all the Google tools you’ll need to stay visible and get found online. 
  • How to implement each one of the Google Suite  tools including Google Search Console, Google My Business and Google Analytics to get found online. 
  • Implement the changes to make sure your business has the best change of being found by Googles 
  • Work on your listings time and time again in another repeatable process
SEO Training


How to use SEO so you can get your offering out in the big wide world!

  • Discover what keyword research is and how to do it so you can establish your personalised Keyword Plan
  • What the techy terms like “on page SEO” and “off page SEO” actually mean and how they will improve your search rankings so you get more eyes on your stuff.  
  • Work on your own website searchables so you can implement the changes that’ll make a difference. 

Pick and fix bonus training

Plus Bonuses

Bonus Training is available to Pick and Fix members, in a number of subjects including

  • Social Media optimisation
  • PPC
  • Ads
  • Funnels 101
  • E-commerce tips
  • Website building
  • Canva
Pick and Fix - tech membership for business

Pick and Fix is for you if:

  • You are ready to grow your business online.
  • You want more online sales, more automated processes, and more customers that aren’t friends of your auntie on Facebook.
  • You are ready be visible, be found, and make sales.
  • You are ready to do the work, with our support, and get set, get seen, and SELL

What Do I Get with Pick and Fix Then?

  • Monthly Zooms
Lesley and Nic
  • Access to Lesley & Nic who can show you how to set up the tech
  • A community with support and accountability, plus weekly co-working
  • Access the Training, Workbooks, and implementation sessions, online via our Training Hive
Email Bootcamp sales image
  • Access to everything included in the highly successful Digital Fixers Email Bootcamp

Pick and Fix
Frequently Asked Questions

What will this do for my business?

Organic sales without being a slave to an algorithm! Whilst social media can be great, we know that it’s exhausting creating ‘content’ in the hope that someone will buy – there is a better way!

I struggle with tech - will this work for me?

Yes! That’s what we’re here for. We’ve done and taught this stuff to hundreds of businesses. Our super power is making it simple for you. 

How does it work?

Access to the Pick and Mix membership is done on a month by month basis. Each month we focus on one of the 3 pillars. 

We have a support community to guide you and obviously access to Lesley and Nic!

What if I can't make the sessions?

There is lots going on including monthly calls, live sessions on Facebook and co-working. We do change things around so people can make them but most stuff happens on Monday, wednesday or thursday evenings, with co-working on Sundays.

What if my email tool is different

They are all very similar and the principals are the same. We have used most of them! If you think yours is not one of the normal ones, drop us a message and we will confirm if it is one we have used 

What if I dont have my own website?

You will benefit more if you either already have a website, or have one in the pipeline.  Again, please drop us a message and we will arrange a call to see where you are.

Do I need SEO? It seems complicated

In order to be found on google we need to know what people are looking for, and provide that content. We will show you how to find that out, and how to use it to increase your organic reach. 

How much does it cost

The currently membership fee is £37 per month payable by stripe or PayPal on the next page.

Meet Digital Fixers

We are the Digital Fixers, we teach tech to small businesses. We explain the techie terms, we explore the techie apps and exploit the techie shortcuts to help you get set, get seen and get selling. If you think that you can run your business using just your phone, FB page and your friends (who say they’ll buy from you but never will), then it’s time to grow the tech up.
Lesley Walsh Digital Fixer
Lesley Walsh


Nic Knott Digital Fixer
Nic Knott