Feeling overwhelmed with your tech?

You Need a
Digital Fixers VIP Day.

Get your Tech in Order with a full day of Voxer VIP support from the Digital Fixers team.

Only £97 for a Fixers VIP Day, and you will get a full day of Tech help from our team of digital experts.

We know that you get overwhelmed managing your Tech Setup and that you're struggling to finish off those techie tasks. That's why a Digital Fixers VIP Day is ideal for you to get those overdue and overwhelming jobs sorted once and for all so you can implement Tech Success with Success and Confidence

Here are some examples of what we can work on during our day together:

Tech Focus Day

Our team are on hand to ensure you stay on track and get the tech jobs done in a day.

Google Tools

Search Console, Business Profile Tag Manager, Analytics, Forms, Merchants Centre

Email Marketing

Lead Magnet automations, Configuration of Integrations, Migration, Verification & Authentication, Landing Pages

Wix Websites

Wix Website Creation. Editing & Changed, Adding apps & Integrations, Backend setup, Landing Pages


Configuration, Imports, Exports, Roadmap, Migration, Integrations, Apps


Plugins, Page Edits, Blogs, Updates, Maintenance, Backups, Migrations, Landing Pages

How it works...

During our VIP Day we will use Voxer to deep dive into fixing your shit. You have our guidance, support, and a friendly kick up the ass to get you past the tech issues that are stopping your online business growth.

It's time to get past the stress, anxiety and overwhelm, and get your Digital House in order.

Pick the date

Choose one of the available dates. Our VIP Days are family friendly, and the system we use allows you to pick up messages, and reply to us in your own time.

Once we confirm the date, we will send an invoice.

Voxer Setup

Once payment is received we will send you all the details needed to setup your FREE Voxer account

We will connect on Voxer in advance, and you can tell us more about what you plan to achieve on the day.

Your VIP Day

During the day we will use the app to talk through what you need to do, providing support and accountability. We will use our own experience, along with videos and links (internal & external content) in order to move you forward.

Next steps

We know you will find your VIP Day beneficial, but what if you don't get done? Your Voxer instructions will include how to save the day's text conversation to PDF. This allows you to revisit the links and advice sent.

Don’t just take our word for it!

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