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how to write a blog

How To Write a Blog

How to Write a Blog

By Jo Watson

With February dedicated to the joy of blogging by the team at Digital Fixers, Nic and Lesley have asked me to write a little blog to mark the occasion. With it being released on WTF Wednesday, this blog aims to answer the most important question of all…

Why the f**k aren’t people reading your blogs?

I can think of at least five reasons, just to start…

how to write a blog

1. Nobody even knows you’re blogging

If you haven’t blogged since June 2015, put a blog out sharpish to let people know you’re going to be starting up again. Perhaps share an overview of events since that last blog, or offer a real thrill-ride of an excuse that justifies your absence from the blogisphere since then (alien abduction, working undercover, on hold to HMRC, etc). Use social media and your home page to alert people to your blogging plans. It’s a bit of accountability, as well as good promotion.

2. You’ve blogged for the sake of it

People can tell if you’ve put something out there because your conscience, or even worse, some bloody self-appointed marketing guru has yelled at you from a Facebook video to “show up” or “be visible” in all cases and at all costs. Stop. It’s quality over quantity every time, people. Only blog if you have something to share and something you want to say about it. People will buy into that, and are much more likely to buy into you as a result. Your blog needs to make people feel something. It has to give value, and ideally, you should enjoy writing it.

how to write a blog

3. One is being too formal

Finding yourself writing in a style that looks less like an enjoyable musing and more like a police statement taken under duress? That’s because you’re writing formally; stuck in some out-dated logic that to be professional means to be formal. Again, stop. Write how you speak, it’s that simple. The plan with a good blog is to allow people to read it naturally, and hopefully hear it in your voice.

4. You’re dropping and running.

Simply sharing your link with not so much of a hint as to why people should click it, means that you can’t really be surprised if people don’t take time out of their busy working/parenting/videos of cats-watching antics to click on a link that has done nothing to entice them. 

Try asking a question that you know your blog will answer, or, if you’re feeling particularly creative, you can lift a juicy segment directly from your blog and share it out as a teaser.

5. People actually are reading your blogs…

…but you’re judging readership on engagement stats – likes, comments, shares, etc. Don’t get bogged down in these metrics; they’re just vanity. 

You never know who’s watching your activity (that sounds creepy) or reading the stuff you’re putting out. 

Have a bit of faith – and keep going.

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