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Services For Small Businesses

Digital Consultants

How Can We Help You?

With a modest turnover, small businesses (some of whom haven't made a profit yet), still need services but are often priced out of the market.
We provide a range of services for small businesses to help them get off the ground and start growing.

Websites For Small Businesses

We'll design and create a website for you, whether you're a service provider or e-commerce business.
Crucially, we can either host your website ourselves, or we'll work with whichever platform you choose, and we'll also teach you how to use it yourself. Click here to contact us now.
Our prices start at £299.

Power Hour

If you're stumped about the next steps to take in your business, then you can book in for a power hour - a chat and a brew with Nic and Lesley and we'll look at your next steps, where you want to be and the tech and services you can use to make it happen.
We'll go through your whole business and look at ways you can streamline, simplify and scale.

Tech Check

Think you've broken something? Not sure what to do next?
We perform a complete digital triage on your website and/or social media presence and give you a an actionable report. We can look at specifics or just general issues and help you work out your next steps.


Our Tech Toolkit is made with small businesses in mind. Don't have time for a massive course? Do you just need to fix one thing? Our Tech Toolkit is for you!

You'll find a ton of resources - everything from installing your Facebook Pixel, to SEO to WordPress building - everything is under £50

Monthly/Ongoing Services For Small Businesses


Using everything we have learned from out 1-2-1 clients we have built a membership platform. We will be taking the SEO journey, the website building, the growth and the all the business basics with accountability too.

SEO For Small Businesses

SEO can often baffle small business owners; we want to dispel the myths and show you that you don't need to be a massive company to rank on search engines.
Find out more here - SEO For Small Businesses.

1-1 Digital Coaching

We'll work very intensively with you and basically move in. We'll look at every aspect of tech in your small business and how we can use it to meet your goals.
Get in touch to find out more.

Free Services for Small Businesses

Our Freebie Vault

All of our free content in one place! Grab our cheatsheets, walkthroughs and checklists in our vault.
Free Resources For Small Businesses.

Free Support Community For Small Businesses

Join our Facebook Community for free advice, guidance and help.
Free Community For Small Businesses