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#Membershit Terms and Conditions

Affiliates Terms and Conditions

#membershit Terms and Conditions

The #membershit is a monthly subscription plan.

Members benefit from exclusive content as well as a range of coaching and mentoring tools.

We will always use your data responsibly.

Every coaching session, every post and every detail that is disclosed or shared within the #membershit is completely confidential.

We will pursue any breach of this confidentiality and we will protect our Intellectual Property and that of our members.


Scope of the #membershit

The #membershit provides support, accountability and training materials to members. There may be physical products or digital products included in the subscription from time to time.

Refusal of Service

Breach of any of our Terms and Conditions could result in refusal of service at any time.

Non Competition Clause

By being a member of the #membershit, you agree to the following:

– Not to share any of the training materials or resources outside of the #membershit

– Not to use our resources to create a competing business

– That the conversations and discussions which take place inside the #membershit are confidential


There is no minimum term for the #membershit and you may cancel your subscription at any time by emailing

Affiliates Terms and Conditions

Our members can also be affiliates of the #membershit. By using their affiliate code, they can share the membership programme or promote it through their own network.

Only current members may become affiliates. In the event that an affiliate’s membership is cancelled or lapsed for any reason, they will no longer be eligible to receive affiliate commissions.

Affiliates must not;

– Promote the membership in a way which is not aligned to its purpose and scope (as outlined above)

– Make any claims which are untrue about either the content or the results of the membership

– Use PPC or any paid advertising without prior approval from Digital Fixers


Affiliate payments will be made at the rate of 25% for Founding Members. The % rate is calculated on the cost of the membership for the joining member, not the affiliate.

This is a one-off affiliate payment and not recurring monthly.