Digital Fixers Support for Small Businesses

Digital Support For Your Small Business

Digital Support For Your Small Business

Soooo… who are we and what do we do exactly?

That’s a tough one to answer, because all we are doing is imparting the knowledge that we’ve cobbled together over the years through our own online businesses and experiences.

We want to help.

How cheesy does that sound?

But, it’s actually true. Our free Facebook Group – Digital *itches is dedicated to helping small business owners for free.

There’s such a big gap in support for small businesses. If you’re making your own gorgeous charms out of your kitchen, selling vegan skincare and makeup or selling wooden toys for eco-conscious parents, would YOU spend £800+ on a website? Would you hire a business coach for £100 an hour? If you’re in network marketing, or selling services and not products, what help do you get for your business?

Our guess is probably not too much support and bugger all help.

That’s why we’re here.

We want to show you that building a website doesn’t need to be over-complicated or scary. That building an email list can lead to amazing sales and business expansion, that running facebook ads doesn’t have to be as complicated as Facebook actually makes it (true story!).

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Your Business May be ‘Small’, But It’s All Yours

We detest the stigma that comes with small businesses, network marketing, MLMs, making your own… ultimately, YOU are doing something for YOUR life, and we completely respect that.