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Published, Not Perfect

Blog banner for Published not Perfect

I did something well outside of my comfort zone this week. I published our website when I knew there was still loads of work to do.  And as a direct result, I was also able to post this blog

Actually, the entire thing was outside of my comfort zone, but that’s what makes if fun.  When I first wrote websites there were no HTML editors, never mind something like WordPress.  I used a the Notepad editor, and when the first specialist editors came along (Hotdog was my favourite) all they had was buttons that entered the HTLM code inside the chevrons, so


would be inserted into the editor to turn on, and off again the Header 1 option.  So, you placed your cursor into the middle, and typed your Header 1 text. 

Centring wasn’t as easy, and this is where most of us British based creators made regular mistakes.


because it’s spelt the American way!

So, I created our site using a WordPress editor, and Elementor.  I loaded up a Theme and pretty much kept the style.  I added our colours, and started adding our fonts (that’s one of the not perfect bits).

Anyway, that was a long time ago. I’ve made a few sites over the years, but I wanted to create that magic you see when text scrolls and photographs stay still. When menus fade in, and buttons pulse!  The problem is I don’t know when to stop! I just need to…

In the end, to really speed things up, I disabled a couple of sections.  Even the Blog section was temporarily put on hold.  You see I wanted to write this blog, but I hadn’t yet.  And I figured I needed to write one about how we started first. Suddenly the task was much bigger, and overwhelming.  We had a team videocall, and Nic pointed out that I don’t need to start with anything specific.  I just need to start. 

Sometimes we just need a big shove to get things done.  A reminder that what we are doing is important, and that Published, not perfect is good.

Now I’ve written this I’m going to load it up, reactivate the Blogs section and the menu, and start planning my next Blog… Because it turns out, I really enjoy it!