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Do you want to learn how easy it can be to Grow Your Email List?

Imagine this scenario for a moment, if you will.

You are a dog trainer, and you often run free training videos in your free Facebook group and on Instagram, also free.

It’s your lead magnet, and the aim is to get people into your paid membership.

This time round you are working Digital Fixers, and they ask you, “Why aren’t you getting people to sign up to your email list???”

You say “Why would they, it’s free?”. To which Digital Fixers reply “You are giving it away for free, at least get their emails in exchange. Please.”

Dog School for Humans

Did it work then?

Nothing changes with the free training. But, if they sign up, they now get a reminder that the training will be on at 6pm (with a countdown), and a link to where the videos will be. Then after the training another email goes out, with direct links to the lives.

Every email also has a link to the membership program.

And then imagine if over 150 people signed up in 3 days. And they all want to know how to train their dog, so they all need your membership programme.

You now have a small but mighty list of over 150 email addresses. All are warm leads. Once the training is over, the email addresses are moved to your main list, where they get your regular emails. You can send them special offers and advanced notice of future events. 

You can also pitch your services to them.

Some may leave the list, but most are happy to get your email. After all, you are talking about a subject important to them. They know they won’t be missing things, like they do on social media, and when they have had enough, they unsubscribe.

How Digital Fixers can Help You Grow Your Email List

OK, this did actually happen! And if you want to hear more about Dog School for Humans, with Jo Wilson you can sign up to her regular newsletter here.

And if you want to find out how to set up your own email list, and find out what a lead magnet actually is, Digital Fixers are running an email bootcamp, from Monday 6th Feb – Friday 10th Feb 2023.

In about an hour a day for, you will learn how to collect email addresses using a lead magnet, and give them a simple welcome sequence. We have run this bootcamp before and it was amazing.

Find out all about the Digital Fixers Email Bootcamp below

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