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Social Media – Online visibility challenge 2019 Day 1

Day 1 Challenge: Social Media

Social Media challenge

This first challenge on Day 1 is all about your clients and solving their problems. When our message is one of solutions and sharing rather than selling, our audience will listen more and be more inclined to take action.

Task 1 - Complete Your About Me Page on Facebook

This is a really simple task, but one that is often overlooked. Sharing the ways in which you can help people makes it easy for them to make a decision about following you, watching you and ultimately buying from you.

Task 2 - Complete At Least 3 Ideal Client Avatars/Profiles

I know, I know… you’re sick to death of identifying your ideal client, but… most people don’t do it correctly. We are far too scared as business owners, of cutting out huge swathes of people from our markets if we create a very specific ideal client profile.

However… here’s the stuff that most people forget… you don’t just have to have one! We have 5/6 different ideal clients, and although our products remain the same – their problems and the way we present our solutions change.

For example, I sell washing powder to both busy female working parents and to eco-conscious single dads. My message to the first group would revolve around saving them time, making their lives easier. My message to the second group would provide a solution for the environmental guilt of using a washing machine, allow them to set an example to their children.

Same product, different problems.

Task 3 - Complete A Problem For One of Your Ideal Clients

So, after pin pointing a few of your ideal clients above, you’re now going to create a problem for them… not a divorce-sized or addiction problem! 

Obviously, it’s a problem that our product or service will solve.

Task 4 - Solve That Problem For Them In a Social Media Post

Now your ideal client has an identity, a problem and you have the solution. It’s time to tell them what their problem is, and what your solution is. Create a social media post which clearly but concisely explains this. Use a good graphic to get attention and away you go.