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Web – Online visibility challenge 2019 Day 2

Day 2 Challenge: Tinterwebs

Using what we learnt yesterday about our ideal clientsssssss, we can now speak to them directly using an About Me page on your website. Don’t worry if you have some very different ideal clients, you can say things like ‘Being a busy working mum is hard – we’ll help you save time on your laundry with Brand X, or maybe you’re eco-conscious and want to set a good example to your children – you’re in luck!’ .

Consumers recognise that we appeal to different people, you’re not going to put them off by acknowledging that.

Task 1 - Complete Your About Me Page on Your Website

As said above! No further explanation needed!

Extra - Use your problems and solutions to create blogposts speaking directly to your ideal client.

You’ve now got a TON of information that you can use to create content that your ideal clients will drool over. You can go all-out on this too, and the more specific you get about Richard, the one-armed single parent who is plagued with environmental guilt for not living in a tree with his triples, the better you can serve him.