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Opt-ins | Online visibility challenge 2019 Day 3

Day 3 Challenge: Opt-ins

Today we’re going to use the solution that we created on Day 1, and we’re going to turn it into something tangible. 

No, not just a bloody flyer or post that describes what you do!! 

What can you give your audience now, for free, that solves one of their problems?


Task 1 - Create a Downloadable That Solves a Problem

This needs to be something that; a) Can be done by them fairly easily b) They can access straightaway and c) Something that you would do better!

Think instructions, cheat sheets, checklists, how-tos, an explainer video, audio etc etc.

Extra!!! Create a gif or a meme that shows the solution!

Don’t be scared! It’s actually really easy and something that a lot of brands use to go viral (did I say the B-WORD??!!)

Check out this example from one of my favourite companies – YNAB. 

It stands for You Need A Budget, and basically they teach people how to budget and get ahead of the bills. 

online visibility challenge

It’s clear from the meme what YNAB does, the problem it solves and it’s also quite funny.

A Meme is an image that you change to suit your purposes. A gif is the same thing, but a moving image.

You can use your own image, or use a site like is the place to create a gif, using either stock footage, or one of your own.