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Sharing | Online visibility challenge 2019 Day 4

Day 4 Challenge: Landing Pages

Create a landing page for opt-in

Today we’re going to find a place to put your sparkly new downloadable opt-in! There are loads of places that you can do this:

Task 1 - Host Your Opt-in

1. If you have your own website, you can create a page that has the downloadable on it. 

2. You can also use something like MailChimp, which will also collect the email addresses for you. (We use Flodesk, which we LOVE – try it our here in our affiliate link)

3. There are loads of other services available to do this, from free to premium.

If you’re not confident in creating a sign-up form on your own website, use a provider like Mailchimp to do it for you.

Task 2 - Share it on Social Media!

On all of your platforms – a simple post like ‘I’ve created this quick guide to solve your PROBLEM, simply/easily/cheaply etc’

Ask your supporters to like, love and share the post (you can use that social proof later!)

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