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Why We Teach Our Clients to DIY

Why Do We Teach Our Clients Our Secrets?

Why We Teach Our Clients To Do What We Do

When we started Fixers, we knew that the traditional tech solutions weren’t accessible for many businesses either starting up or even further on in their journey. 

What’s more, the vast majority of our personal and professional networks saw these fundamental tech solutions as ‘extras’ that they could not justify. 

Rather than offering cheap SEO or cheap websites, we wanted to show people that they could actually learn to do this stuff themselves, and that they could integrate this tech with their existing businesses.

Aren’t we worried that they’re going to put us out of business? Or that we’re putting ourselves out of business?

No. People have better things to do than learn all the geeky shit that we know. And even if they don’t, then bring on more affordable services for small businesses!!

We’re about collaboration, not competition.

Services for small businesses

How We Teach

It’s really simple. 

Once a client decides that they want to speak to us, we get on a video call. 

Normally, this would spark terror in most people, but this is a no-pitch chat about where you’re at and how we can help.

We take clients on as long as we’re a good fit for each other. If you’re turning over 6 figures, we’ll probably not right for you. Our approach isn’t streamlined, we tend to work in fits and starts where our lives and kids enable us to!

Our workflow is simple. Crucially, we video most things that we do and provide resources so that you can replicate our procedures and get the same results for yourselves.

This means that you’re not beholden to us for long periods of time. Sure, some people would prefer to outsource things like their SEO indefinitely. We have an SEO service for that too, but the majority of our clients like the fact that they’ll walk away from our service having learnt how to do a lot of it themselves.

Our aim is to teach you enough to be functional and enough to be dangerous, meaning you’ll never get ripped off again.

What If They Steal Our Ideas?!

Oh no!!

There’s space enough in the world for more people doing what we’re doing. 

We’re ethical and professional, if our clients love what we do so much that they decide to do it themselves, well we’ll consider ourselves inspirational, and smugly wish them all the best.

Hell, we may even run a course on doing what we do one day, now there’s an idea!