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Business coach

Business Coach Vs Digital Coach

Business Coach vs Digital Coach

Traditionally, in the educational applications of coaching, it was the coachee who knew all the answers.

Coaches were trained in specific questioning techniques in order to draw answers out from the coachees for the very questions that they had asked themselves.

Business coaching, however, seems to be a very different animal.

Firstly, anyone can be a business coach.

I’m not suggesting that there are many people who take advantage of this, but no doubt there are some charlatans calling themselves business coaches.

Nowadays it seems that a business coach is someone who doesn’t so much coach you, as mentor and teach you. For me, those are entirely different things.

Anyhoo, I wanted to draw the distinction between a Business Coach and a Digital Coach in this article; it’s timely and important.

What Does a Business Coach Do?

In modern terms, a business coach will help you reach your goals through a variety of methods – target setting, strategising, working out the next plan of action etc.

Things you can expect from a business coach include; support; a place to vent; ideas; a strategy; mentorship and I’m sure a lot of other things.

What Does a Digital Coach Do?

A digital coach (well, Lesley and I in any case!) will help you reach your goals through a variety of methods (sound familiar?! hahaha). Including, but not limited to; target setting; strategising; working out the next plan of action; working out what’s working and what’s not working in terms of your tech; working out where to automate and where to personalise in terms of your systems. 

We find out which bits of your business you need to do yourself, and which tech bits we can put on systems and either automate, or teach you to do efficiently.

Things you can expect from a digital coach include; support; a place to vent; ideas; planners; strategies and tech systems; mentorship; teaching; results and a lot of other things.

Business Coach 2

Does a Digital Coach Know About Business?

Absolutely! Everything that we do is with business goals in mind. For us it’s about automating the bits that should be automated, and freeing up time and mental load for entrepreneurs to serve their audience better.

Does a Business Coach Know About Tech Stuff?


business coach digital coach

So That Must Mean That Digital Coaches are Better, Right?!

Slow down there!!!

That’s a bit like comparing apples and oranges. Sure, both are fruits, but they do different things (well, that was a crap analogy but you know what I mean). 

There will be times in your business journey that you’ll do better with a business coach, and other times when you’ll need a digital coach instead.

Because our roles often overlap and our clients tend to be small businesses, you’ll probably need one or the other, not both.

We tend to work with small businesses with modest turnovers. The bulk of our audience is home-business owners who simply don’t have a budget for tech at startup and need to do those things themselves.

Wrap Up

business coach digital coach

Yeah, I know it’s probably not….

I guess as a startup ourselves, we’ve not mastered our message or even our offers yet. Good solid business should be good fluid business, evolving with your growth.

Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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We believe that budget should not be a barrier to growing your business. As such, we provide a number of free and paid solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs wherever they are in their journey. We have a free business and tech support community, a ton of free content, as well as a paid membership, live events and 1-1 support.


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