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flodesk review

Flodesk Review and Walkthroughs

Flodesk Review and Walkthroughs...

Flodesk Changed Our Lives!

Hey everyone!

Today we’re going to share our Flodesk review walkthroughs for you.

Flodesk is a gorgeous new email provider. Previously we used MailChimp, and although we think the functionality was great, we found it quite messy, counter-intuitive and really hard to set up the more advanced features. 

It got to the point where publishing a landing page and having it flow correctly made us cheer with happiness that we’d managed to do it. 

 I even did a walkthrough for our Facebook group that had to be done in 2 parts because I totally lost the thread and wasn’t sure where all the options were!

Email marketing shouldn’t be that hard!

We heard about Flodesk in a Facebook Group, and decided to give it a go with a free trial. So here we are to present our Flodesk Review.

Now, we never paid for MailChimp… the thought of paying to send emails (especially when our email list is teeny tiny) really didn’t appeal to us. 

Most of our clients are teeny tiny businesses with next to zero tech budget, so how could we, in good faith, use and promote something that charged per month?!

Fortunately for our tightwad selves, we got a free trial (grab your free Flodesk trial here), and that was enough to convince us that it was worth the money.

Below is the first email we sent to our audience using Flodesk. 

We were thrilled with the aesthetics, but more than that, we were thrilled that it took less than 10 minutes to put together.

Below follows our complete review of Flodesk.

flodesk review

Flodesk Review: Our Results With Flodesk

Like I’ve said before, our email list is teeny tiny, although our Facebook Group is much larger, only 10% actually subscribe to our newsletters.

This is one of the reasons that we initially were very reluctant to pay for an email service – sure, if you have a few hundred thousand, or even a few thousand on your list, then paying for email is a no-brainer… but with 50-60?!

However, no matter the size of the email list, we are dedicated to serving them in a professional and friendly manner… it’s so important to us that we get results and serve our followers and subscribers.

To do that, we make sure that all of our emails contain something of value for our audience. 

That might be a freebie, some extra info or just signposting them to content in our free group that may be of interest and value to them.

When we looked at our numbers, our click rate seemed to go down, but actually we’d sent more emails, gotten more clicks and more engagement because we were communicating more regularly with our ideal clients.

We looked at average metrics for our sector, and apparently it isn’t normal to get an almost 50% open rate… 

On the whole, we found that we sent more emails and engaged our clients more because it was no longer a chore. 

It’s easy. 

And pretty gorgeous too.

flodesk review 2
flodesk review 3
flodesk mailchimp

Creating emails in Flodesk

One of the things we really loved about Flodesk right from the start was the beautiful templates and the ease with which you can send out emails.

We’re still experimenting with our design and copy, but check out our open rates above.

On the left is our first ever email sent through Mailchimp. In the middle and on the right are our open results with Flodesk. 

Flodesk made sending emails so easy that we sent more than normal. 

Far more than normal. In fact, we sent out a lot of emails.

Here’s the thing, we have a ton of content. 

We create how-tos, checklists and walkthroughs. 

We show our audience how to do almost anything techie that they want to learn.

But when it comes to sharing it, the previous email providers we used made it difficult, clunky and counter-intuitive. Just to get a

That’s why Flodesk has been such a game-changer for us. 

It’s easier to deliver value to our audience, it’s quicker and it’s prettier.

Flodesk Review: Workflows

Oh. My. Goodness. Why has this not been done before???

The workflows in Flodesk are one of the most amazing and easy things to do. Forget the garbled bloody landing pages and pop-ups. Forget different campaigns for every freebie you’ve got. Flodesk workflows are the way forward.

You simply input the steps you’d like your subscribers to go through – from opting in to delivering that opt-in. 

flodesk workflow review

What we loved about this was the ability to see our whole process from our clients’ point of view. 

We no longer had to guess whether stuff was working, or at which stage they received info, we literally looked at the flow chart and could see where they were.

Flodesk Review: Sign Up Forms

Ahhhh!! At last, a sign up form that delivers an opt-in easily and then adds that person to our list. 

It’s not a big ask, is it??? 

In the past, we’ve lost email subscribers somewhere along this path because the sign-up process and delivering the opt-in was just too complicated. We love that Flodesk makes it so freaking simple.

We just added the form to our website. Honestly. No messy code, widgets or plugins. It just works.

The Bottom Line

Yeah, we know we’ve done nothing but heralded Flodesk’s praises in this review. We get that. It’s because we freaking love it.

We wouldn’t pay for an email service from any other provider…

There are a few features which we’re hoping they add soon:

– An app (OMG I’d LOVE a Flodesk App that shows me all the things!)

Erm, I think that’s it. 

At the moment, as a business that’s about to boom (but has yet to do so), and has fewer than 100 email subscribers, even for us, Flodesk has been a game-changer. We adore it, and thanks for bringing it to us.

You can try Flodesk for free here.

You can also get 50% discount on Flodesk here.

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